Azmoon Felez Pars-TOUCH UP-FA
تاچ آپ و رنگ آمیزی، پالایشگاه فازهای ۲۲ و ۲۴
October 20, 2018
عملیات راه اندازی و استارت آپ واحد ۱۰۸-۱ و ۲
October 20, 2018

Touch Up And Painting, Phases 22-24 South Pars Gas Field

Azmoon Felez Pars-TOUCH

Azmoon Felez Pars-TOUCH

Performing Touch Up And Painting PIPING, Bolts and Nuts of metal structures site located at units 100, 103-1, 103-2 and 110 in Range of  phases 22 and 24, South Pars gas Field.

Geolocation of the project

IRAN – Bushehr Province – Kangan City – phases 22 and 24, South Pars Gas Field

Activity description

Performing Touch Up And  Painting bolts and nuts of metal structures

contract number : S-PSA-C-AFP-96-207

Project start time : 2017/06/22

Project Duration : 272 Days

Relative Units: 100, 103-1, 103-2 and 110

Project Specifications and Area of Activity

The main employer : POGC (Pars Oil And Gas Company)

Employer :PSA (Petro Sina Aria Co)

Contractor : AFP (Azmoon Felez Pars Co)

Project’s Pictures

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