Technical and engineering company of Azmoon Felez Pars is determined to be one of the most reputable companies in this field with its highly qualified and efficient human resources and the use of modern equipment in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry and civil engineering and road construction sector. And play a significant role in the development of Islamic Iran. The company also plans to promote joint activities in order to promote its activities in the areas concerned with top domestic and international companies in order to become a project-oriented and entrepreneurial company in the country. We believe that with a powerful move towards perfection, professionalism and excellence ,we will become the best partner and option for our employers, and we will jointly provide you with a redefinition of the foundations and scope of work in the field of related activities, and the technical knowledge of the project .

 To achieve these goals, the following perspectives are expressed:

  • Islamic and human values
  • Enter the EPC stage independently
  • Entry into the oil and gas industry of the countries of the region
  • Perform projects with up to 10% time span compared to project standards
  • Expansion of the human resources collection of 500 people
  • Work safe, quality and on time
  • Learning, Innovation, Organizational Partnership, and Teamwork
  • Providing entrepreneurial services in the field of social projects and elite recruitment
  • Coordination and cooperation with scientific institutions in the field of project management in order to complete the processes
    Executive of your organization
    Striving for sustainable development
  • Increasing Indices in the development of manpower and the development of the best offshore forces in the country