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June 12, 2017
آزمون فلز پارس
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June 25, 2017

Platform B of Phase 13 South Pars in Sadra Industrial Town

Platform B of Phase 13 South Pars in Sadra Industrial Town

Platform B of Phase 13 South Pars in Sadra Industrial Town

Azmoon Felez Pars Company in 1395, following the estimation of the major goals of the senior managers, initiated a Sadra project in Bushehr, in which it was obvious that issues such as lack of knowledge of the geographical and economic situation of Bushehr and lack of technical knowledge of the construction and The installation of the platform made it difficult for executives to work and, on the other hand, added the nature of the problems to the project, and with the proper management and advice and the close relationship with the managers in terms of the program and the structure of the failure that took the four main axes As we describe it, we were able to put it in its current position.

  • Establishment and Survival
  • Strong execution performance and significant physical progress and satisfaction of the employer
  • Elected as superior contractor on the island of Sadra
  • Managing costs and achieving predicted profits of managers and obtaining a new contract

Geolocation of the project

IRAN – Bushehr Province – Bushehr City – Sadra Island

Activity description

Construction and installation, load out, and hook-up platform 13B of South Pars

contract number : TES_SP_AFP_13_95_1318

Project start time : 2017/07/22

Project Duration : 12 Month

Scope of activity and project work scopes : Piping, electric and instrumentation (cable and cable assemblies) , Structure , architectural , -paint and insulation and mechanical

Project Specifications and Area of Activity

Project Stakeholders : POGC and SADRA

Project owner : POGC (Pars Oil And Gas Company)

The main employer : SADRA

Consultant :  Germanischer Lloyd ,Germany’s Company

Employer :TESCO (Techno Energy Sepehr Kish Co)

Contractor : AFP (Azmoon Felez Pars Co)

Pictures of Project

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