Azmoon Felez Pars-TOUCH
Touch Up And Painting, Phases 22-24 South Pars Gas Field
October 20, 2018
Design and Execution of The Flare Line in Tombak Project
October 21, 2018

Operation of Commisioning And Start up in 108-1,108-2 Units

Assist the Startup Employer Group in startup and commissioning operations, Maintenance of equipment and Installation And Preparation, completion and collection of all ICAPS, ITP, Log Sheet relevant documents in 108-1 and 108-2  units of phases 22 and 24 of the South Pars Gas Refinery 

Geolocation of the project

IRAN – Bushehr Province – Kangan City – phases 22 and 24, South Pars Gas Field

Activity description

contract number : S-TES-C-AFP-97-541

Project start time : 2018/10/17

Project Duration : 12 Month

Relative Units: ۱۰۸-۱, ۱۰۸-۲

Scope of activity and project work scopes : Piping, Mechanical and Paint & Insulation.

Project Specifications and Area of Activity

Employer :TESCO(Techno Energy Sepehr Kish Co)

Contractor : AFP (Azmoon Felez Pars Co)

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