Perform Guidance Plan in Dourak Ghanbari Village
April 27, 2018
بهسازی و کلیه عملیات مرتبط در روستای بره مرده
July 16, 2018

AFP’s Resume

About AFP Company
Azmoon Felez Pars Company was established in 1999 to carry out oil, gas and petrochemical projects. By relying on the technical knowledge, specialist and committed personnel and using advanced industrial equipment, light and heavy machinery, in the light of divine glory, has been a precious experience in the field of service The country’s industry has gained.

  • This collection is equipped with experienced personnel, related equipment and successful implementation of dozens of projects in all parts of the country, ready to
  • perform activities in the following areas.
  • Industrial pipeline in the refinery (oil, Gas and Petrochemicals)
  • Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Mechanical Equipment
  • Testing and Commissioning of Pipelines
  • Construction and Installation of Metal Skeleton
  • Paint and insulation
  • Operation Seville (Concrete Operation and Intercity Road Execution)
  • Providing technical services, consulting, supervision and inspection in the above projects

Download AFP CV (Resume)

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